Local SEO Strategies to Rule the SERPs and the Map Pack

6 simple SEO tools for blogging and attracting more traffic


PageSpeed insights

PageSpeed Insights is a tool provided by Google that helps website owners analyze the performance of their web pages on both mobile and desktop devices. It provides suggestions and recommendations to improve the speed and usability of a website. By entering a URL into the PageSpeed Insights tool, you can receive a report that includes information about your website’s performance, such as load times, SEO toolopportunities for improvement, and specific suggestions for optimizing the site.

The tool evaluates various aspects of a web page, including:

1. Performance: This includes metrics such as First Contentful Paint, Speed Index, Time to Interactive, and more.
2. Opportunities: Suggestions for improvements that could enhance the page’s performance.
3. Diagnostics: Additional information about potential issues and optimizations.
4. Best Practices: Recommendations for following web development best practices.

By using PageSpeed Insights, website owners can gain valuable insights into how to optimize their websites for better performance, user experience, and search engine rankings.

Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your website. They are important for search engine optimization (SEO) because search engines like Google consider backlinks as a signal of the quality and relevance of a website. When other reputable websites link to your site, it can improve your site’s authority and help it rank higher in search engine results.

Link analysis involves examining the backlinks pointing to a website to understand the quality and quantity of those links. This analysis can help in identifying opportunities for improving the website’s SEO by acquiring more high-quality backlinks and removing or disavowing low-quality or spammy backlinks.

It’s important to focus on acquiring backlinks from reputable and relevant websites in your industry, as quality is more important than quantity when it comes to backlinks. Additionally, regularly monitoring and analyzing your backlink profile can help in maintaining a healthy and effective link profile for your website.


Copyscape is a plagiarism detection tool used to check for duplicate content on the internet. It’s commonly used by writers, website owners, and content creators to ensure that their work is original and not plagiarized. By entering a URL or text into Copyscape, users can find out if similar content exists elsewhere online. This can be helpful for maintaining originality and avoiding potential copyright issues.

SERP rank checker

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A SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rank checker is a tool that allows you to track the position of your website or specific keywords in search engine results. It helps you monitor your website’s performance in search engine rankings over time. By using a SERP rank checker, you can see where your website appears in search results for specific keywords, track changes in ranking, and assess the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. This information is valuable for optimizing your website’s visibility and improving its performance in search engine results.

Keyword explorer

A keyword explorer is a tool used in search engine optimization (SEO) to research and analyze keywords that are relevant to a specific topic or industry. It helps website owners, content creators, and marketers identify high-value keywords that they can target to improve their search engine rankings and drive organic traffic to their websites.

Keyword explorers typically provide data on search volume, keyword difficulty, related keywords, and other metrics to help users understand the potential value of targeting specific keywords. By using a keyword explorer, you can discover new keyword opportunities, assess the competitiveness of different keywords, and develop a strategic approach to optimizing your website’s content for search engines.


SimilarWeb is a market intelligence platform that provides insights and data on website traffic, user engagement, and online behavior. It offers a range of features and tools to help businesses and marketers understand their own digital performance, as well as that of their competitors.

Some key features of SimilarWeb include:

1. Website Traffic Analysis: 

SimilarWeb allows users to analyze website traffic, including total visits, unique visitors, page views, and engagement metrics.

2. Audience Insights: 

The platform provides demographic and geographic data about a website’s audience, including information on interests, browsing behavior, and device usage.

3. Competitor Analysis: 

Users can compare their website’s performance with that of competitors, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and potential opportunities for improvement.

4. Industry Benchmarking: 

SimilarWeb offers industry benchmarking data, allowing users to compare their website’s performance against industry averages and trends.

5. Keyword Analysis: 

SimilarWeb provides keyword analysis tools to help users understand the search terms driving traffic to a website and identify potential keyword opportunities.

Overall, SimilarWeb is a valuable tool for businesses looking to gain a deeper understanding of their online presence, benchmark their performance against competitors, and make data-driven decisions to improve their digital marketing strategies.


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