Climate Summit

Climate Summit: World Leaders Urge Consensus on Crisis

The livelihoods of millions of coastal people are at risk due to the impact of climate change. The number of people who have lost all their jobs and become refugees in their grandparents’ homes is constantly increasing. World leaders need to increase their supervision to improve the fate of such destitute people. Immigration experts believe that countries like Bangladesh will suffer if the crisis is not resolved now.
Ugochi Daniels, Deputy Director-General of the International Organization for Migration, told Yamuna Television that they are working to bring the issues to the attention of everyone at the Climate Conference.

The climate conference is supposed to find ways to change the fate of people who are in crisis and plan to implement them. However, many people are questioning how much it was in the end.
Asif Saleh, executive officer of BRAC, said that climate change will or will change people’s place, but it does not happen by their own will. That is, the river has eroded; Where I am, livelihood is gone. I am forced to migrate. We mean it’s big. It’s not just a change of location, it’s a huge disaster for a family.
Ugochi Daniels said that many people are constantly being displaced due to climate impacts. The UN and climate-related world leaders need to reduce this impact on climate. I think it is the responsibility of world leaders to free it from its financing and influence. We are working on things.
If the climate refugees are unable to create employment, other social crises will increase in various discussions of the conference.



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