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Computer Office Management Course

Learn computer basic course and Build your skill today !

At the same time are moving into enough time of science and technology, that is extremely hard to undertake an individual moment without your personal computer. The computer has fascinated a revolutionary change in each of our day to day life.
Simple computer skill is currently viewed as a compulsory qualification by a number of job areas.
Our basic computer program syllabus includes-
➡ ️Microsoft World ,
➡ ️Microsoft Excel,
➡ ️Microsoft Powerpoint
➡ ️Microsoft Access,
and so on the truth that are linked to basic personal computer program.
Our students can also be offered the chance to learn regarding the internet, to develop mail, and so forth . We are offering Microsoft business office course in Banasree, Rampura, Dhaka.
Basic computer course is but another name of professional computer system course. Our basic computer schooling institute helps the students to learn any topic in the easiest way to ensure the fact that they can master the skill without having any difficulty.
Complex computer course can also be available in our institute. But we get started with the basics. However, there happen to be a number of computer schooling center in Dhaka but we all are especially exceptional from all of them .
A good number of learners have taken training from the institute and are working during various sectors with complete accomplishment. As we teach with extensive care, the students get yourself a thorough idea regarding basic computer plan.
We provide a flexible schedule for the students to ensure all the persons from different profession can acquire the chance to take portion in the course . If virtually any students fail to master the basic computer skill in scheduled time, put into effect spare class for him.
Students can easily also come to us for almost any type of help even even though the course is performed. They happen to be also provided with course supports related sheets that they can easily use at home to further improve their very own skill.

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Class 1

  • Microsoft Office Word Document
  • Computer Basic
  • Hardwar Concept
  • Computer Settings
  • Operating System Software
  • Software Install & Uninstall

Class 2

Home Menu

  • Type Writing
  • Clipboard,
  • Font
  • Paragraph

Class 3

Home Menu

  • Styles,
  • Paragraph
  • Editing
  • Type Writing Bangle

Class 4

Insert Menu

  • Page,
  • Table
  • Illustration

Class 5

Insert Menu

  • Illustration
  • Links
  • Header Footer

Class 6

Insert Menu

  • Symbol
  • Text

Class 7

Page Layout Menu

  • Themes
  • Page Setup
  • Page Background
  • Paragraph
  • Arrange

Class 8

  • References Menu
  • Table of Contents
  • Footnotes
  • Citations & Bibliography
  • Caption
  • Index
  • Table of Authorities

Class 9

Mailings Menu

  • Start Mail Merge
  • Write & Insert Fields
  • Preview Results
  • Mailing Finish


Class 10

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