Why does the computer slow down

In general experience, newer computers tend to be faster. But after a few days, the speed started to decrease. We know that all old devices slow down. Due to prolonged use, the kalkabja will deteriorate. So it is natural that the speed of his work slows down. But there are other reasons for computers to slow down.
The working speed of the computer mainly depends on the CPU or Central Processing Unit. Its RAM (Random Access Memory), internal hard disk memory card, graphics system, and the speed and capabilities of the internal hardware system—all play a role in determining the speed of a computer. Now let’s say I put extra data on the hardware capacity while working on the computer
I kept additional software needed for various tasks. Many times we open a file on a desktop and work directly on that file. As a result, there is more pressure on the desktop. If the software required to start the computer is a large file, it will take some time to start the computer after turning it on. First, such software is loaded on the computer with the minimum required software. But after using it for a few days, I started loading new software. As a result, after turning on the computer, it takes a little longer to start.
The operating system has to be reinstalled every few days. Otherwise, the computer slows down. Windows versions are updated frequently. If the new version is not installed on the computer, it is often seen that opening a file received by e-mail takes time. Therefore, the operating system needs to be updated to keep the computer running smoothly. All these technical matters are there. But at the same time, it should be remembered that dust can accumulate on the computer’s hard disk and slow down its speed. So if you always keep the computer free from dust, the speed of the computer is fine.

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