What Is The Damage If You Use A Laptop On Charge

What is the damage if you use a laptop on charge?


Your laptop is low on charge. In this situation, urgent work must be done. So working on a laptop at the same time with a power connection for charging. The question is, can it damage the laptop? Because at the same time its battery is being charged directly from the power-plug connection, and the laptop is running on the power of that battery.
On one side of the laptop, charging is going on and work is also going on using the charge. Is there inconsistency or conflict between these two? This may damage the battery. But actually, not much damage is usually done. Modern laptops are designed in such a way that direct charging is automatically stopped when fully charged. When the charge is low again, it goes into power-saving mode, and charging resumes. Working on a laptop in this condition does not cause much harm. However, the laptop can get a little hot.
Nothing more. Even after the laptop battery is 100 percent charged, keeping it in a charging state by connecting the power plug does not cause much damage. Because when the laptop is fully charged, it disconnects from charging. After that, the laptop sometimes reports how much charge there is. Because, even if not in use, the charge of the laptop may decrease slightly.If the charge gets too low, charging starts again automatically. But it is better not to keep it charged all the time. Because it heats up the battery a bit and can reduce its normal performance and shorten its life.

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